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Absolute Asphalt & Concrete, LLC is a full service company specializing in paving, sealcoating, patching (asphalt repairs), concrete repairs and installation, striping (traffic paint and thermoplastic), signage (handicap, stop signs, etc.), bollards, brick pavers, excavation, demolition, and landscape materials (shell, river rock, rip rap, etc.). With the equipment, manpower, and experience to complete projects correctly and on time, Absolute Asphalt & Concrete excels above all others by always putting the customer first, and doing the job right the first time. Absolute Asphalt & Concrete’s excellent workmanship combined with competitive rates have made us one of Sarasota, Venice, and Bradenton’s top rated and most trusted contractors!
We work on projects for:
  • Home Owners Associations
  • Condominium Associations
  • Property Management Companies
  • General Contractors
  • Mobile Home Communities
  • Municipalities
  • Private Customers

Absolute Asphalt & Concrete, LLC has 3 estimators with a combined 28 years experience in the Sarasota, Venice, and Bradenton area, but work Statewide to provide quality workmanship and experience to all of Florida. Customers will always have their estimator’s cell phone number and email, so any questions or concerns will be answered promptly.

For Sarasota and Bradenton: 941-404-3251
For Venice: 941-487-0795

Asphalt Contractors - Sarasota, FL - Absolute Asphalt & Concrete

Services We Provide:

  • Paving

From paving a driveway to a complete subdivision, Absolute Asphalt & Concrete does it all. Absolute Asphalt’s estimators strive to educate the customer in every step of the paving process, from asphalt milling (grinding the asphalt to remove aged or deteriorated areas), to overlays (paving over the existing asphalt), and grading and paving new roads or parking areas.

  • Sealcoating

The sealcoating material that Absolute Asphalt uses provides outstanding fuel resistance and protection from oxidation and moisture. Absolute Asphalt & Concrete uses silica sand and latex rubber additives to the sealcoating material, which meets or exceeds F.A.A. and Federal Government Specifications.

  • Patching /Repairs

If you have potholes, low areas, alligatored areas (deteriorated), sinkholes, or any asphalt problems we provide you with a solution! Absolute Asphalt will only use Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) to do any kind of patching or repairs, due to the fact that cold patch asphalt will not last, does not get good compaction to prevent raveling (larger rocks separating from the asphalt), and does not aesthetically look good. Absolute Asphalt uses S-III, asphalt which has a smaller rock aggregate to help prevent raveling and allows for a better looking patch.

  • Concrete

From a broken sidewalk or driveway, concrete curbing, a block column, retaining wall or a broken pipe, ADA (American with Disabilities Act) retrofits…Absolute Concrete does it all! Absolute Concrete typically uses 4000psi (pounds per square inch) concrete for strength, but whatever the project calls for, the correct concrete strength will be installed. Absolute Asphalt and Concrete uses ready mix concrete which allows for a change in the amount of concrete, and can reinforce the concrete with fiber mesh or rebar for heavy duty applications.

  • Striping

Absolute Asphalt and Concrete uses high quality paint for a quick drying time and a bright look to stand out. We have all of the necessary stencils (“no parking”, “fire lane”, “visitor”, “stop”, etc.), including the proper ADA handicap stencil and color. also offers thermoplastic striping. will apply reflective glass beads to stop bars or any paint that needs to be more visible at night. offers delivery and installation of concrete wheelstops or bumpers, and will remove and dispose of the old broken ones.

  • Signage

Absolute Asphalt & Concrete LLC offers installation and sales of any type of sign required. Most of the signs offered are reflective per city or county requirements (stop sign, yield, no u-turn, etc.), as well as the handicap signs have fine tags and/or van accessible. Specialty signs are also offered for private subdivisions, special parking spaces at a business, or whatever application is needed. We offer U-Channel, round, steel, galvanized, or wooden posts to provide the correct application for the customer.

  • Brick Pavers

Beautify your driveway, commercial area, public space, or pool area with new brick pavers! Choose 1” thin brick to lay over existing concrete, or a 2 3/8” or 3 1/8” brick to build your new driveway and walkway. We will remove your existing concrete driveway, walkway or patio, if needed, deliver, grade, and compact the 250 sand (bedding sand), lay the brick in a precise or random pattern (chosen by the customer), and pour a concrete border so that the brick won’t shift over time.

  • Demolition / Excavation

Are you looking to expand your parking area, build a new roadway, or have an asphalt/concrete repair that requires demolition of the old material? Absolute Asphalt & Concrete LLC includes locates when doing excavation (locating TV, phone, gas, etc.). Grades are checked and re-checked to assure positive drainage when building a road or parking lot.

  • Landscape Materials

Absolute Asphalt & Concrete LLC provides landscape materials for residential or commercial customers -- fill dirt, shell, rip rap, river rock, or any landscape material. We will deliver, spread, or grade the material per your request.

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For Sarasota and Bradenton: 941-404-3251
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